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Campers, Junior Counselors and Counselors must have been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance by a medical physician. If a medical diagnosis has not been made, please do not register your Camper, or as a Junior Counselor or Counselor.  For further information please contact us at
Camp Celiac is dedicated to providing children who have medical doctor diagnosed celiac disease or gluten intolerance with a worry-free summer camp experience. We recognize, however, that some participants may also suffer from food allergies. We can accommodate participants with dairy, soy (other than soy lecithin) and nut allergies.
Unfortunately we cannot serve campers with allergies to corn or soy lecithin as these ingredients are ubiquitous in gluten free foods.
If your camper has food allergies other than dairy, nuts or soy please contact at the time of Camp registration to discuss whether Camp can address the camper's needs.

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